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Americana is no longer red, white michael kors outlet ohio and blue and flag motifs. In Kors’s vision — and that of designers such as Todd Snyder and Michael Bastian — it is a celebration of the jet-setting, digital age when even middle management has enough miles for gold michael kors handbags outlet medallion status. Updated American from Michael Bastian for spring 2016. (Photo: Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images) Bastian offers michael kors outlet florida pure sportswear in the American tradition. Snyder eschews all tricks and distractions and creates a beautiful collection of slim trousers, fine knits and beautiful leather duffel bags. Todd Snyder spring 2016 menswear (Kevin Tachman/Courtesy Todd Snyder) Todd Snyder spring 2016 menswear (Photo: Kevin Tachman/Courtesy Todd Snyder) But there are other michael kors outlet houston versions of Americana. And designers, this week, have shown them to be contemplative and a bit brooding. Less hierarchical. And ever more diverse. Inspired by the street and athleticism, Thaddeus O’Neil, put zombie beach bums on the runway. Young men somnambulated toward photographers in board shorts and leis — their face a waxy glow and fake blood dripping from the corners of their mouth. Robert Geller mixes loose-fitting, luxury resort-style sportswear with knit cummerbunds that zip michael kors outlet purses up the back in a manner that is as michael kors outlet unattractive as it sounds. A Hamburg native, he brings his expatriate’s vision of the seashore to New York. And N. Hollywood, by Daisuke Obana, was influenced by typography.

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Obana showed a collection of sweeping coats in black and white, skinny orange trousers and fascinating graphics with an internationalist flair. Menswear, so rooted in realism, function michael kors handbag outlet and power, has always reflected the shifting vision of national identity. michael kors outlet In the 1950s, it was a white man in the gray flannel suit who defined work life. In the ’60s, it was baby boomers and blue jeans, long hair and rough beards. In the 1980s, there were yellow power ties and Wall Street power suits. The baggy jeans and oversize T-shirts of the rap generation signaled a rising under current of inequality, unrest and change. The gender blurring on the menswear runways, espoused in New York by Duckie Brown, among others, speaks to other changes that are afoot. Menswear is adept at speaking to cultural moments. [Hip-hop was poised to conquer michael kors outlet orlando fashion. Why did it stop short?] Paperbag-waist trousers and oversize shirt from michael kors outlet store Duckie Brown spring 2016. (Photo by Dan Lecca/Courtesy Duckie Brown) The most potent example of that michael kors canada outlet may well have been at the Public School presentation. The designers put their models in a police lineup. First thoughts: It is creative. Unsettling. Jarring. “ Number one, step forward!” intones a disembodied voice during the presentation. And a young model — a suspect — dressed in black layers and white-soled creepers michael kors purse outlet shuffled to the front of the viewing window.

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Click, click, went the cameras. Models stand in michael kors outlet store police liine-up formation at the Public School spring 2016 presentation. (AP Photo/Leanne Italie) There the men stood, some anonymous, michael kors purses outlet others modest celebrities: Instagram style star Nick Wooster and designer Waris Ahluwalia. With heights marked on one side, the suspects assumed their roles, having been told to play the thug, the first-timer and other jailhouse archetypes. The designers, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, noted that the presentation style was inspired by a desire to underscore our commonality. Standing shoulder to shoulder, removed from individual context, stripped of social hierarchy, we are all the same. A very michael kors outlet online American notion. michael kors online outlet Designers are moved by currents in the air, particularly those like Chow and Osborne whose work is deeply connected to contemporary culture. So it is also impossible to look at this “prison lineup” and not consider the context in which it exists. Incarceration rates of African American men were addressed by President Obama at the michael kors outlet bags annual NAACP convention in Philadelphia. The specter of racial profiling hangs michael kors handbags outlet over our consideration of community michael kors bags outlet policing, homeland security and immigration policy.

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